Patents - A Canadian compendium of law and practice
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"The subject of Patents is rather incomprehensible to those not concerned in them, and often disappointing to those who are..." -- Charles Dickens, 1857

Fortunately, things have changed since Dickens' day. Find out how in a new, one-stop guide to an increasingly important subject. This novel, useful and inventive work combines comprehensiveness for lawyers and patent agents, and comprehensibility for inventors, patent departments, technology administrators and other faithful.

Patents - a Canadian Compendium of Law and Practice
by George Francis Takach, of the Alberta Bar

If you need only one book on Canadian patent law, this is the one. Here's why

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Patents is the only text combining all of the following into a single volume:

Extensively researched and footnoted, the text is presented in an elegant and accessible format designed by an award-winning graphic design firm. With superior content and form, you will find Patents both an invaluable reference and an attractive keepsake.

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George Francis Takach of the Alberta Bar

The author is a lawyer, writer and speaker who has practiced and lectured extensively in intellectual property law, with a particular fondness for patents.

He has chaired an Intellectual Property Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association, and is a member of the Patent and Trademark Institute of Canada.

His many published credits include books, magazines, newspapers, legal journals, literary journals and television. He has won national awards for his writing.

He delights in demystifying the inscrutable.

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