Systematic Advocacy
Systematic Advocacy
by the Hon. Jean Côté
22 Chapters, 700 pp.
$225.00 + S&H + GST

New!  You can soon hold in your hand a brand-new guide through every step, maze, and roadblock of today's advocacy.  No more hopeless battles, no more guesswork, no more indecision, no more stalling or procrastinating, no more muddle. The initial chapter describes in detail whether and how to take on a new file. 

This book is apt for every court or tribunal, whatever your level of experience.  You wished for an equalizer; this map shows how victories are built.  That itself justifies your purchase. 

Here is a self-help tool both intensely practical, and also detailed and systematic.  It is  very readable.  It distills and updates the accumulated experience of generations of the best barristers, and many judges.  And it adds new discoveries.

This book tells you why some things work, but others are dangerous, so it shines light into dark corners.  All that will be good for your clients.  And good for you too: use the book to calm your fears and misgivings, to raise your confidence, and to make people better respect you.

Get the advantage.  Read this book!

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SYSTEMATIC ADVOCACY, by the Hon. Jean Cote.   22 Chapters, approx. 700 pp. (pub. late 2017).  The author, a retired judge, has also written many articles, and these books: Safe and Effective Practice; An Introduction to the Law of Contracts; Words that Bind; and two books on appeal courts.  He is lead author of The annual Civil Procedure Handbook, and of the Civil Procedure Encyclopedia.  He has given the Bar and students countless lectures on a host of topics.


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